Makalu Base Camp Trekking -21 Days

Makalu Base Camp Trekking -21 Days
Makalu Base Camp Trekking -21 Days
Makalu Base Camp Trekking -21 Days
At a Glance
Duration21 Days
Trip GradeStrenuous
Maximum Altitude5000
Group Size1 to 10 pax
Travel StyleTrekking
Best TimeSeptember to November and March to May

The Makalu Base Camp trek offers an exclusive and unforgettable journey through picturesque villages, valleys, streams, waterfalls, terraces, and dense forests with a wide variety of flora and fauna. This trek provides an opportunity to witness magnificent views of the dramatic landscape and the mighty Himalayas. Makalu, the fifth-highest mountain in the world, stands tall at 8481m and adds to the adventure of this trek. Despite its relatively inaccessible and challenging route, the Makalu Base Camp trek is a hidden gem, making it the least visited region. The ultimate highlight of this trek is reaching the base camp, where you can come face-to-face with the majestic Mt. Makalu in all its glory. This trek is perfect for nature enthusiasts who seek to explore untouched beauty, experience the diverse cultures of the local inhabitants, and enjoy unparalleled views of the Himalayas, including the iconic Mt. Everest.


Makalu Base Camp Trek Start from Kathmandu to Tumlingtar, following an exploration of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the Kathmandu Valley. Upon arrival at the Tumlingtar airstrip, we will proceed to Chichila by road, marking the beginning of our thrilling trekking adventure. The eastern region of Nepal, inhabited by the Rai and Limbu communities, adds a unique cultural flavor to our expedition, making it all the more enriching and rewarding. As we ascend through dense rhododendron forests, particularly breathtaking during the spring when vibrant pink, red, white, and purple blooms adorn the landscape, and traverse cloud forests, we will traverse some of the last remaining pristine forests and alpine meadows in Nepal. Along the way, we will encounter a variety of ancient villages inhabited by the Rai and Limbu people before reaching the Sherpa settlements at higher altitudes. Our journey will be adorned with awe-inspiring views of glaciers, magnificent waterfalls, and the majestic Himalayas, including the Kangshung face of Everest, as well as Lhote, Chamlang, and Kanchenjunga in the Far East.

The Makalu Base Camp Trekking itinerary includes a flight from Kathmandu to Tumlingtar, followed by a drive to Num (1490m), Sedua (1460m), Tashigau (2070m), Kauma (3470m), Mumbak (3570m), Neha Kharka (3700m), Serson (4615m), Makalu Base Camp (5000m), Neha Kharka (3700m), Mumbak (350m), Kauma (3470m), Tashi Gau (2070m), Pakuwa (1520m), Bumling (1160m), and finally back to Tumlingtar for a flight back to Kathmandu. Welcome to Himalayan Trekking Path Company for an unforgettable Makalu Base Camp Trekking experience. We are committed to providing you with the best packages, services, itinerary, and cost.

What is the best time for the Makalu Base Camp Trek?

The Nepal trek is most popular during the spring (March to May) and autumn (September to November) seasons, as these offer the best weather conditions and pleasant temperatures for outdoor activities. Similarly, the Makalu Base Camp trek is also recommended during these main seasons. While it is possible to undertake this trek during the winter months, the cold temperatures can be a disadvantage, especially considering that the lodges in this region are not well equipped. On the other hand, the rainy season (June to August) is not ideal for the Makalu Base Camp trek due to heavy rainfall, landslides, and floods in lower elevations, as well as unfavorable weather conditions even at higher elevations. Therefore, it is not recommended to undertake the Makalu Base Camp trek during the winter or rainy seasons.

Makalu Base Camp Trek requires permits, costs, and documents.

For the Makalu Base Camp trek, it is essential to possess two permits: the National Park permit and the TIMS card. These permits are mandatory for entry into the region. In order to obtain these permits, it is necessary to provide two copies of passport-sized photos, a copy of your passport, and the specified fees.

  • The Makalu Barun National Park Conservation Area Permit costs USD 30 per person.
  • The Trekkers’ Informational Management Systems (TIMS) card is priced at USD $10 per person. 

These permits not only grant access to the breathtaking region but also contribute to the conservation efforts of the area.

How difficult is the Makalu Base Camp Trek?

The Makalu Base Camp trek presents a formidable journey through the secluded eastern region of Nepal. This trail is highly sought-after by seasoned mountain trekkers seeking an exhilarating adventure. While the accommodations, cuisine, and amenities may be more modest compared to other popular trekking routes in Nepal, the breathtaking landscape, diverse topography, cultural villages, warm-hearted locals, and awe-inspiring mountain vistas provide a rejuvenating experience. Additionally, the acclimatization days offered along the way contribute to making this trek a challenging yet manageable endeavor.

What is the cost of the Makalu Base Camp Trek?

The Makalu Base Camp Trek, offered by the Himalayan Trekking Path, has costs ranging from USD 1500 to USD 2000. Our local company guarantees top-notch service, experienced guides, reliable transportation, comfortable accommodation, and attentive staff care. The cost variation is determined by factors such as group size, duration, and services included in the package. For a detailed breakdown of costs based on itinerary and group size, please refer to the provided information.

  • Solo travelers can enjoy the Makalu Base Camp Trek at a cost of USD $2000
  • For groups of 2 to 6 people, the cost per person for the Makalu Base Camp Trek is USD $1800
  • For groups of 7 to 10 people can experience the Makalu Base Camp Trek at a reduced cost of USD $1500 per person.