Tsum Valley Trek: 14 Days

tsum valley
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Tsum Valley Trek
Tsum Valley Trek
Tsum Valley Trek
At a Glance
Duration14 Days
Trip GradeModerate
Maximum Altitude3700m/12139.11ft
Group Size1- 10 pax
Travel StyleTrekking
Best TimeSeptember to December and March to May

The Tsum Valley Trek is an awe-inspiring journey that presents an abundance of ancient Tibetan culture, monasteries, verdant green valleys, and majestic Himalayan vistas.The Tsum Valley is situated in the northern Gorkha district, within the highly protected Manaslu region. This stunning valley is nestled amidst the majestic Ganesh Himal ranges and the Tibetan plateau. The local people lead a life deeply rooted in ancient Tibetan traditions, and the valley is adorned with numerous chortens and monasteries. The Tsum Valley is a hidden gem where the act of taking a life is strictly forbidden. Embarking on a trek to this remote and secluded valley promises a once-in-a-lifetime experience, immersing you in the untouched beauty of nature and the rich local culture. The Tsum Valley trek is a relatively easy and rewarding journey, suitable for individuals with no prior trekking or hiking experience, as long as they possess a reasonable level of fitness.Throughout the trekking expedition, you will come across breathtaking snow-capped peaks such as Ganesh Himal, Shringi Himal, Boudha Himal, and many more. As you embark on this journey, you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in diverse climates, ecological wonders, and cultural richness. Initially, you will encounter the Brahmin and Chhetri communities, and as you ascend in elevation, you will encounter the Gurung, Magar, Ghale, and Tamang communities. Finally, upon reaching Lokpa, you will have the chance to stay with the Tibetan community.


  • Explore the enchanting medieval city of Kathmandu on a guided tour
  • Embark on a picturesque journey from Kathmandu to Macha Kola, the starting point for trekking
  • Discover the captivating beauty of the lower Manaslu trekking region, rich in cultural and natural wonders
  • Begin your adventure by entering the restricted region from Jagat, a charming Gurung Village
  • Immerse yourself in the mystical Tsum Valley, starting from Lokpa and continuing until Mu Gomba
  •  Marvel at the intricate chortens and monasteries, capturing unforgettable memories along the way
  • Don't miss the opportunity to visit the historic Milerepa Cave and the serene Rachen Gumba
  • Experience the tranquility of Mu Gomma and explore the Nunnaty Gomba
  • Be awe-struck by the majestic Ganesh Himal Ranges throughout your entire journey
  • Immerse yourself in the local culture by staying at homestays and lodges and indulging in typical local cuisine.

Our Tsum Valley Trek begins after a brief exploration in Kathmandu. Departing from Kathmandu in a local bus, we will embark on a scenic 7/8-hour drive to Machhe Khola, following the picturesque Trishuli and Budhi Gandaki River valleys. Along the way, you will have the opportunity to observe the local bustling marketplace, lush green valleys, rice terraces, verdant hills, and majestic snow-capped peaks through the window of your bus. Once we reach the enchanting Machhe Khola, our Tsum Valley Trek will commence on foot from this point onwards.

The expedition traverses through diverse local villages, observing their everyday endeavors while navigating a challenging and less-traveled path. This route entails crossing multiple suspension bridges, encountering majestic waterfalls, and immersing in the abundant flora and fauna. Our second night is spent in Jagat, the gateway to the restricted zone, where special permits are required for further exploration. Following the same path as the Manaslu Circuit trek until Ekle Bhatti, the journey then diverges towards Lokpa from the New Bridge.

As you proceed beyond Lokpa, you will experience a remarkable change in scenery. Everywhere you go, you will be greeted by stunning landscapes, with the majestic Ganesh Himal Ranges and Manaslu Ranges serving as a breathtaking backdrop during your journey from Lokpa to Chumling. Moving forward from Chumling, the path becomes more challenging as you ascend towards Chhekangparo, the largest and most picturesque village in the Tsum Valley.

During the journey from Chekangparo to Mu Gomba, the path is smooth and gradual. Along the way, you will come across a picturesque valley adorned with lush green crops. Everywhere you look, you will spot yaks and Himalayan thars, as well as numerous Buddhist shrines. This trail presents an excellent opportunity to explore the Milerepa meditation cave, Rachen Gimba, the School of the Buddhist Flowers, Mu Gomba (the ancient and largest Gomba), and the Nunerry Gomba. Moreover, the trip will take you to the breathtaking viewpoints of the Ganesh Himal Range, where you can immerse yourself in the majestic mountain vistas. You can also enjoy a comfortable stay at Mu Gomba. After concluding the visit to Mu Gomba, we will retrace our steps back to Kathmandu along the same trail.

The Best Cost for Tsum Valley Trekking:

Our Tsum Valley Trekking Package offers a comprehensive service package that consists of a porter, guide, accommodation, permits, transportation, and full board meals. The overall cost of the trek is determined by the inclusions, group size, and company regulations. Himalayan Trekking Path is committed to providing affordable rates while ensuring exceptional service to position itself as a key player in the Nepali tourism market. Here is a detailed overview of the expenses for the renowned Tsum Valley Trek.

  • Solo trekkers will be charged USD 1000 for the trek
  • For groups of 2–5 people, the cost is USD 899 per person
  • For groups of 6–10 people, the cost is USD 799 per person

Why the Tsum Valley Trek with the Himalayan Trekking Path?

The Tsum Valley Trek offered by our esteemed Himalaya Trekking Path Company presents an excellent opportunity for those interested in exploring the enchanting, secluded, and lesser-known region of Manaslu Trekking. Discover the compelling reasons that set us apart as the premier choice for your Himalayan adventure.

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  • We offer a free cancellation option for the Tsum Valley Trek, which remains valid until one month before the trip begins.
  • The entire service mentioned in the itinerary is available for you to enjoy.
  • Your trekking experience will be enhanced by the presence of a professional trekking guide and a helpful porter.
  • We provide assistance to solo travelers who wish to explore this restricted region, offering both group and solo options.
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  •  If you are vegan or vegetarian, you have the option to select a package that caters to your dietary requirements.
  • Prior to booking, you can obtain all the necessary information about packing and other details.
  • We accept various payment methods, including online gateways, cards, bank transfers, and cash in currencies such as Euro, USD, AUD, CAD, Swiss Franc, and others accepted by Nepal Bank. Please note that a 3.5% bank charge will apply for card payments.
  • For your convenience, we provide a map, T-shirt, and duffel bag.
  • During the trekking journey, you will be provided with full-board meals, 3 cups of tea or coffee, as well as fresh fruit, nuts, and cookies.
  • There are no hidden fees associated with this package. However, additional services may incur additional charges
  • We strive to offer everything at a reasonable cost, ensuring that you receive great value for your investment.
  • Before the trip, we will provide you with a detailed trip briefing, and after the trip, we will have dinner together to review the experience.
  • As a token of appreciation, we will provide you with an appreciation letter upon completion of the trip.