Limi Valley Trekking

Limi Valley
At a Glance

The Limi Valley Trek offers a truly unique and captivating experience in the Trans-Himalaya region of Nepal. Situated on the border of Tibet, this remote and isolated valley is known for its breathtaking beauty. One of the highlights of the trek is the famous viewpoint of Mt. Kailash, a sacred mountain revered by Hindus and believed to possess immense natural power. This hidden treasure has gained worldwide recognition. As you embark on this journey, you will be enchanted by the vast flora and fauna, the majestic Himalayas, and the rich culture and traditions of the region. The dramatic landscape, adorned with stunning waterfalls, will leave a lasting impression on every traveler. This off-the-beaten-path adventure is sure to capture the hearts of all who embark on it. Throughout the trek, you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the rich and varied cultures of the region. Trekking over 16,000 feet, you will encounter remote villages and explore ancient monasteries that dot the vibrant Limi Valley. This trek is a chance to witness the lesser-explored side of Nepal and appreciate the vivid culture, history, and unique lifestyle of its remote inhabitants.


  • Start on a 14-day walk through the stunning Limi Valley, experiencing its breathtaking beauty.
  • Explore the remote and picturesque terrain alongside the Karnali River.
  • Relax in the therapeutic Chugzur hot springs, adding a touch of rejuvenation to your vacation
  • Traverse over awe-inspiring 16,000 ft (4,900 m) high passes and witness countless scenic vistas.
  • Immerse yourself in the rich culture by visiting ancient Buddhist monasteries and villages influenced by Tibetan traditions during the guided trek with the Himalayan Trekking Path.

Embark on an incredible journey by first flying to Nepalganj from Kathmandu, and then continuing your flight to Simikot, the district headquarters of Humla. As we arrive at the Limi Valley Gateway in Simikot, we are greeted with a unique and rejuvenating atmosphere. The Limi Valley stands as a testament to the rich Tibetan culture and way of life, which have been preserved through the historical connection between Western Nepal and Tibet. Our trek follows the ancient path of salt trading and pilgrimage, leading us to the border of Nepal and China. Along the way, we will cross the majestic Nara La pass (15,000 ft/ 4,620 m) and Nyalu La pass (16,000 ft/ 4,900 m), offering breathtaking views of the Himalayas. During the trek in Limi, it is important to note that accommodation and food are not readily available like in other regions. Therefore, we must be prepared to manage these aspects ourselves. Organizing this trek requires a dedicated crew and a relatively higher budget. However, the rewards are immense. This expedition provides a unique opportunity to spot rare and endangered wildlife such as the snow leopard, Bharal (Himalayan blue sheep), jackals, Kiang (Tibetan wild ass), and musk deer. The entire trek will span a total of 18 days, commencing and concluding in Kathmandu.

The Limi Valley trek spans over a duration of around 18 days, encompassing a range of moderate to strenuous challenges, including traversing high-altitude passes. As we venture through this remarkable journey, we will be required to stay at elevations exceeding 10,000 feet (3000 meters), which may result in experiencing the effects of altitude. Nevertheless, this awe-inspiring trek offers breathtaking panoramic views throughout. The optimal season for embarking on this adventure is from April to October, as the passes remain snow-covered for the remainder of the year. Additionally, considering a helicopter tour can provide a convenient and expedited alternative.