Tsum Valley Ganesh Himal Base Camp Trek

tsum valley
Tsum Valley Ganesh Himal Base Camp Trek
Tsum Valley Ganesh Himal Base Camp Trek
Tsum Valley Ganesh Himal Base Camp Trek
At a Glance
Duration16 Days
Trip GradeStrenuous
Maximum Altitude4200m/13779.53ft
Group Size1-10 pax
Travel StyleTrekking/Hiking
Best TimeAugust to May

The Tsum Valley Ganesh Himal Base Camp Trek offers a comprehensive itinerary that allows you to explore the enchanting Tsum Valley and reach the base camp of Ganesh Himal in a single journey. Situated in the remote northern region of the Gorkha District in Nepal, Tsum Valley is a well-preserved area within the Manaslu trekking region, where the hunting of animals is strictly prohibited. Embark on this extraordinary trek to discover the hidden wonders of Tsum Valley, including its traditional Tibetan-style settlements, ancient Buddhist Gompas, and breathtaking views of Ganesh Himal (7,422m), Himalchuli (7,893m), and Sringi Himal (7,165m). This untouched land is inhabited by ethnic communities that still adhere to their age-old customs, religion, and way of life, making it a truly mystical and cherished destination within the Manaslu Conservation Area.


  • Discover the hidden gems of Nepal by taking a stroll along the less-traveled paths in restricted areas.
  • Immerse yourself in the rich Tibetan culture and find solace in the peaceful ambiance of Buddhism.
  • Embark on an adventure to the Ganesha Himal base camp, following a visit to the Mu Gomba.
  • Uncover the mysteries of the Milarepa cave and Rachen Gomba through exploration.
  • Traverse through a lush woodland teeming with diverse flora and fauna, including rare species like the snow leopard.
  • Visit numerous Buddhist pilgrimage sites adorned with vibrant prayer flags, offering a spiritual experience.
  • Marvel at the majestic snowy peaks of Ganesh Himal, Buddha Himal, and more as they tower above the horizon.
  • Immerse yourself in the rural lifestyle and indulge in the flavors of local cuisine.
  • Delight in the tranquility of the surroundings and appreciate the untouched beauty of nature.
  • Experience a journey that combines adventure, culture, spirituality, and natural wonders in the restricted areas of Nepal.

Our Tsum Valley trek, combined with the Ganesh Himal Base Camp, takes trekkers on a journey through the remote countryside, offering a unique blend of topographical and cultural diversity. This region is renowned for its challenging landscapes, breathtaking views of the Himalayas, and the fascinating dialects spoken by the Tibetan and Gurung people. The trekking route beyond Tsum Valley was opened in 2008, starting from Macha Khola and following the well-established Manaslu trail until Jagat. From there, we will continue our ascent to Lokpa and pass through villages perched on high terraced hilltops adorned with rhododendron forests. Along the way, we will immerse ourselves in the customs and traditional lifestyle of the locals, eventually reaching Mu Gompa. In addition to its cultural and natural splendor, this trek also offers a glimpse into the rich diversity of flora and fauna. We may encounter blue sheep and Himalayan tahr during our journey, as hunting and fishing activities are strictly prohibited in this protected sanctuary for a delicate ecosystem.

During our return journey from Mu Gompa, we will make stops at Milarepa Cave, Rachen Gumba, and Ganesh Himal Base Camp (4200m) to witness the breathtaking view of Mt. Ganesh Himal and other majestic peaks. Finally, we will steadily make our way back to Kathmandu. Throughout our adventure, we will encounter the omnipresence of Buddhism through prayer flags, Mani walls, monasteries, and stupas that adorn our path.

Embark on an extraordinary expedition through unexplored regions of Nepal by joining the Tsum Valley Ganesha Himal Base Camp Trek. This awe-inspiring trek perfectly showcases the seamless integration of nature and humanity while immersing you in the vibrant culture, ideas, and social customs of an ageless society. Secure your spot on this remarkable journey by contacting us today!

Tsum Valley Ganesh Himal Base Camp Trek requires permits, costs, and formalities

The Tsum Valley trek offers an exciting opportunity for adventure enthusiasts to explore the Ganesh Himal Base Camp. This trek allows you to experience the thrill of reaching the Ganesh Himal Base Camp at an altitude of 4200m. You can start the Ganesh Himal base camp trek from either Gomba Lungdang or Ripchet village. However, please note that the Tsum Valley Ganesh Himal Base Camp Trek requires special permits to enter the restricted areas from Jagat to the Tsum Valley. These permits are mandatory and need to be obtained until the check-out from Jagat. Additionally, you will also need the Manaslu Conservation Areas Permit and Tims Card. To obtain the special permits, you will need to provide your original passport, a copy of your passport, a passport-size photo, and your visa. It is important to note that trekking permits will only be granted if you have a guide and are accompanied by a local company. Furthermore, obtaining permits also requires clients to have travel insurance and guide insurance, which are only available at the immigration office.

  •  From September to November, the special permit fees are USD 70 per person for a week and USD 10 per day per person beyond that
  • From December to August, the special permit fees are USD 50 per person for a week and USD 7 per day per person beyond that
  • The Manaslu Conservation Area Permit fees are USD 30 per person.
  • TIMS Card (Trekker's Information Management System) fees is USD20 per person

The Cost of Tsum Valley Ganesh Himal Base Camp Trek

The Tsum Valley Ganesh Himal Base Camp Trek is priced between USD900 and USD1200 per person, as outlined in our itinerary and package. The Himalayan Trekking Path offers a comprehensive package for this trek at a highly competitive rate. Our package includes a wide range of services, from pick up to departure, as per the mentioned itinerary. This includes accommodation in both the city and mountains, meals, permits, transportation, a knowledgeable guide, a porter, Kathmandu sightseeing, and more. The cost of the tour may vary depending on factors such as the number of participants, duration, level of service, and other considerations. If you have a large group, the cost per person will be lower compared to a smaller group. We invite you to enjoy our package, which offers a reasonable cost and top-level service.

  • Solo travelers can enjoy the Tsum Valley Ganesh Himal Trek for USD 1200
  • For groups of 2–6 people, the cost per person for the trek is USD 1000
  • Groups of 7–10 people can avail of the Tsum Valley Ganesh Himal Trek at a discounted rate of USD 900 per person.




Our itinerary for the Tsum Valley Ganesha Himal Base Camp Trek provides comprehensive details regarding the expenses, optimal season, trekking distance, formalities, and, most importantly, immerses you in the enchanting ambiance of untouched traditional Tibetan villages. This remarkable journey allows you to witness the rich cultural heritage, explore ancient monasteries, and culminate with a visit to the awe-inspiring Ganesh Himal Base Camp.

Tour PlanExpand All

As part of our Nepali cultural tradition, we will be present at the airport to meet you and present you with a flower garland as a gesture of welcome. Following this, we will transfer you to the hotel as per the package offer. After you have checked in and taken a short rest, we kindly request your presence at our Himalayan Trekking Path Office, where we will finalize the arrangements for your trip. In the evening, we extend our hospitality with a welcome dinner. Your accommodation will be provided at the hotel.

Max. Altitude: 1350m/4429.134ftMeal: DinnerAccommodation: Hotel

Following breakfast on the second day of the Tsum Valley Ganesha Himal Trek, you will be taken on a guided city tour lasting 3 to 4 hours. This presents an excellent opportunity to discover the rich history, art, architecture, culture, tradition, and hidden treasures of the region. After the tour concludes, return to your hotel to prepare your backpack with necessary items. Use your free time to explore Thamel and appreciate its beauty. Additionally, we will assist in retrieving your original passport for special permits, which will be promptly returned to you. Spend the night at the hotel.

Max. Altitude: 1350m/4429.134ftMeal: BreakfastAccommodation: Hotel

After having breakfast in the early morning, rendezvous with our guide and porter at the lodge before proceeding to the bus station by cab. If you opt for a private jeep, it will be arranged to pick you up from the hotel, but please note that there will be an additional cost for the jeep service. Experience the local ambiance by taking a local bus for the journey. The distance from Kathmandu to Machha Khola is only 160 km, but due to the road conditions, the travel time is approximately 6 to 7 hours. As you leave Kathmandu, you will be greeted by picturesque green valleys, mountain vistas, farmlands, rivers, waterfalls, small marketplaces, and quaint local villages, making your journey more captivating. The route passes through Malaku after crossing the Trishuli River, then heads north towards Taribeshi on a paved road before transitioning to an off-road path leading to Machha Khola via Salyan Tar, Arughat, Arket, Soti Khola, Lapu Beshi, and Khani Beshi. Machha Khola serves as the starting point for trekking in the Manaslu Region. Spend your first night in the mountains at Machha Khola, nestled along the banks of the Budi Gandaki River.

Max. Altitude: 930m/3051.18ftMeal: Breakfast, Lunch and DinnerAccommodation: Tea House

Experience a delightful breakfast accompanied by the soothing sound of the river, and prepare your backpack for the upcoming journey to Jagat. This lovely town serves as the gateway to the entire region, with restricted access. Today, you will embark on a 6- to 7-hour walk, covering a distance of 23km along the Budigandaki River and its breathtaking, lush valley. Along the way, you will encounter numerous majestic waterfalls and charming villages, cross suspension bridges, and relish in the picturesque terrain. After passing through Machha Khola, you will reach Khorlabeshi, Tatopani, Doban, and Yaruphant. Finally, after crossing the Budigandaki river, you will arrive at Jagat (1340m), where you will spend your second night in the mountains.

Max. Altitude: 1340m/4396ftMeal: Breakfast, Lunch and DinnerAccommodation: Tea House

Proceed to the restricted area and trace the traditional Manaslu Circuit Trekking route until Ekle Bhatti. From there, veer right at New Bridge towards the Tsum Valley Region. Start your day with breakfast in Jagat before embarking on your journey alongside the Budhi Gandaki River. Traverse several suspension bridges, picturesque villages, as well as diverse flora and fauna. Pass through Salleri village, Sirdibash, and cross the bridge over the Budhi Gandaki River. Ascend to Philim village, a prominent Gurung and Ghale Village. Continue on a gradual path to Ekle Bhatti for lunch. Post lunch, make your way to Lokpa (2240m) through a dense forest. After a 2-hour walk, you will arrive at Lokpa, the gateway to the Tsum Valley.

Max. Altitude: 2240 m / 7,349 ftMeal: Beakfast, Lunch and DinnerAccommodation: Tea House

This morning, we’ll move down to the other end of lovely woodland and cross the river via a bridge spanning over the river. We’ll ascend on the steep rock steps then forge ahead to the north inside the hidden valley of Tsum. Traversing the pine woods and rhododendron forest; we’ll make our way up on very steep slopes. Subsequently, we’ll descend to Ghumlong (2,130m). The trail now climbs steeply, straight ahead to Ripchet (2,470m). After passing over the Shiar Khola on a wooden bridge, we’ll push on to the Chumling (2,386m). Walk around this pristine village to discover the traditional lifestyle of the natives.

Max. Altitude: 2386m/7828.084ftMeal: Breakfast, Lunch and DinnerAccommodation: Tea House

The trek on the trail is fairly easy today. To the east, we’ll pass a suspension bridge and move further to the other side of maize and potatoes farmlands. Henceforth, we can observe artistic chortens and mani walls created from thousands of stone slabs, carved with deities and prayers. Accompanied by the beautiful Ganesh Himal, we’ll advance past Rainjam and Serpu Khola then cross a suspension bridge before entering the village of Gho. Continuing the climb, we’ll end up at Chhokang Paro (3,031m) where we can take pleasure in the delightful vistas of Mt. Himalchuli (7,893m) and Mt. Ganesh Himal (7,140m) if the weather is favourable.

Max. Altitude: 3031m/9944.226ftMeal: Breakfast, Lunch and DinnerAccommodation: Tea House

Due to higher elevations, we might encounter few difficulties. Other than that, there is only one thing to worry about i.e. the back-breaking journey that lies ahead. The route proceeds by Lamagoan (3,202m) and negotiates across a suspension bridge to Rachen Gompa (3,240m). Beyond the hamlets of Phurbe (3,251m) and Pangdun (3,258m), the trail appears at the village of Chhule (3,347m) then climbs further to Nile (3,361m). Finally, the very trail gradually ascends to Mu gumba (3,700m), the largest monastery in the region.

Max. Altitude: 3700m/12139.11ftMeal: Breakfast, Lunch and DinnerAccommodation: Tea House

Succeeding the trek through the settlements of Chhule, Phurba and Pangdun, positioned on the east bank of the Shiar Khola; we’ll present ourselves at Burgi Village (3,245m). We may visit Milarepa’s Cave (an additional 2 hours of travel) if time and conditions are on our side. Subsequently, we’ll trek downward through green hills to Chhokang Paro.

Max. Altitude: 3031m/9944.226ftMeal: Breakfast, Lunch and DinnerAccommodation: Tea House

Descend from Chhekang Paro to Kowo (2630m) and Domje (2460m) through the pine forest and rocky trail. Enjoy a lunch break at Domje Village before climbing up to Gumba Lunngdang (3200m) via Thulung Danda. Take time to visit the various monasteries and soak in the stunning vistas of Ganesh Himal

Max. Altitude: 3200m/10498.69ftMeal: Breakfast, Lunch and DinnerAccommodation: Tea House

Following breakfast, prepare your daypack to venture out and explore the Ganesh Himal Base Camp (4200m). Begin ascending the trail alongside the Torogumla Glacier, passing by various monasteries and grasslands. As you arrive at the Base Camp, you will be treated to breathtaking views of Ganesh Himal and other majestic peaks. After immersing yourself in the beauty and capturing unforgettable memories, return to Gompa Lungdang for an overnight stay.

Max. Altitude: 4200m/13779.53Meal: Breakfast, Lunch and DinnerAccommodation: Tea House

After enjoying a satisfying breakfast and organizing our belongings, we are commencing our expedition towards Lokpa. Our route will guide us through a serene woodland adorned with majestic pine trees, a mesmerizing cascading waterfall, a verdant valley, and a lively local village situated along the Domje (2460m) and Ripchet (2470m). Eventually, we will reach our destination, Lokpa, located at an altitude of 2240m.

Max. Altitude: 2240 m/ 7,349 ftMeal: Breakfast, Lunch and DinnerAccommodation: Tea House

We will cross a suspension bridge and head on the trail, heading to Ekle Bhatti, Philim and numerous stunning villages.

Max. Altitude: 1340m/4396.3255ftMeal: Breakfast, Lunch and DinnerAccommodation: Tea House

We’ll cross a suspension bridge and advance on the trail heading to Dovan, above the untamed rapids of the Budhi Gandaki River. Thereupon, we’ll move by way of a forest, traverse a suspension bridge to arrive at the hot springs of Tatopani. After some time at the refreshing natural hot springs, we’ll make it to the tiny village of Khola Beni. In the end, we reach Machhekhola (869m

Max. Altitude: 930m/3051.18ftMeal: Breakfast, Lunch and DinnerAccommodation: Tea house

We’ll resume our trek down the hill. Trekking across the verdant valley, cascading waterfalls, streams, and rivers, we’ll travel across the villages such as Khani Besi, Nauli Khola, Armala, Lapubesi, Manabu Besi, and Khorsane. Beyond a suspension bridge over the Budhi Gandaki River, we’ll move along the riverside to Kathmandu by bus.

Max. Altitude: 1350m/4429.134ftMeal: Breakfast, Lunch and DinnerAccommodation: Hotel

we will drive to Airport by private car upon your flight time. we hope to see you in next destination. Namaste !!

Max. Altitude: 1350m/4429.134ftMeal: Breakfast
Cost Details
  • Private transportation for airport pick-up and drop-off
  • Deluxe bus transportation from Kathmandu to Trailhead (Machha Khola)
  • two-night hotel stay in Kathmandu with breakfast included before Trek
  • Professional and experienced trekking guide
  • trekking porter provided for every two guests
  • guide's salary, food, transportation, accommodation, and insurance covered
  • Assistance with all necessary formalities, such as TIMS and permits
  • All  the accommodation in trekking destinations includes full board meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner)
  • complimentary cup of tea or coffee served with every meal
  • seasonal fruit salad provided
  • Duffel bag for carrying personal belongings during the trek
  • All government taxes included
  • Service fee from Himalayan Trekking Path office
  • Medical kits are available for emergencies
  • Experienced and appreciated certificate upon completion of the trek
  • Rescue arrangements made if needed
  • Local Bus transportation from Machhe Khola to Kathmandu
  • Farewell dinner included
  • One-night accommodation in Kathmandu after the trek, with breakfast provided.
  • Fees for obtaining a visa for Nepal
  • Cost of international airfare
  • Expenses for drinks and food in Kathmandu
  • Note that drinks are not included in the mountain
  • Requirement of travel insurance for guests, including coverage for rescue services
  • Option to travel from Kathmandu to Machha Khola in a private vehicle for an additional USD 200 one way.
  • Availability of extra activities
  • Possibility of extra accommodation
  • Provision to rent trekking equipment such as poles, sleeping bags, and down jackets at a reasonable price in Thamel
  • Tipping is customary and greatly appreciated.