Terms and Conditions

The Contract:

Comprising a legally binding contract between You (hereinafter referred to as “you”, “client/s”, “they”, and “individual”) and Himalayan Trekking Path (P) Limited (cited as “the company”, “our”, and “we” further on in this document) with the Registered Company Number........... these Booking Terms and Conditions illustrate critical details that you need to carefully study and comprehend. Please take into account that while making a reservation for a certain trip, you are providing your consent to be bound by the Terms and Conditions, along with the cancellation policy and explicit limitations of liability. Both sides concur with the below-clarified Terms and Conditions to sort out any legal or other disputes that may emerge throughout the duration of the particular trip.

Booking a Trip/Acceptance of Booking / Client Details:

A ‘trip’ denotes whichever product itinerary or travel venture you purchase with us, inclusive of expeditions, trekking, tours, and/or other escapade and excursion programs. You’ll need filling up an online booking form to supply the requested information, which is officially mandatory for obtaining your trekking/climbing permits and to prearrange your accommodations and flight tickets. In the event of an agent booking or a large group, you may utilize the email to render the personal information as requested in the booking form.

A booking is acknowledged and turns out to be definite exclusively from the date when the company sends a confirmation invoice or a formal email. From this point on, a contract ceases to exist between the company and the client. The company retains all the rights to hike up or reduce trip prices prior to the confirmation of your booking and the implementation of a contract. Please bear in mind that the company would not be legally responsible for any warranty, prior agreement, collateral agreement, description of services, or conditions, other than as articulated herein.

Deposit Requirement for Booking Confirmation:

(i) Nepal Trips:
You’ll need to provide a non-refundable deposit of 10% of the total trip cost at the time of reserving the trip in order to guarantee your ‘Nepal Trips’. Upon your arrival in Kathmandu and before your departure, you can pay the unpaid amount of the trip. The non-refundable deposit must be made to the company or its agent. Tailor-made trips may demand a greater deposit or full payment at the very moment when you make a booking.

(ii) Tibet/Bhutan Trips:
A non-refundable deposit of 40% of the total trip price, together with the due airfares (if the client desires the company to prearrange it) is required to confirm your trip earlier than 30 days of the trip’s commencement. Full payment is necessary at the time of booking on the condition that you’re booking 30 days or less before the beginning of the trip.

Payment Methods
A bank transfer or credit card (Visa or MasterCard) can be utilized to deliver the booking deposit. Please comply with the details supplied on the booking form.
(i) Payment by Credit Card (MasterCard or Visa Only):
Please provide the essential information in the form, which includes your credit card details and signature, that must be identical to your passport and Credit Card. Click here to download the credit card payment form. Thereafter, e-mail the completed form to Himalayan Trekking Path P. Ltd. Your credit card will be charged accordingly by ................. (Credit Card Division) as a representative of Himalayan Trekking Path P. Ltd. You are advised not to send the form’s information straight to..................... Kindly provide us with a copy of your passport or any government-recognized ID along with the submitted form.
Note: There will be a 4% additional levy when the payment is carried out with a credit card.

(ii) Payment via wire or bank transfer:
Our bank details needed for the wire transfer are:
USD Account:
Name of the Beneficiary: Himalayan Trekking Path P. Ltd.
Bankers Name:  Himalayan Bank Limited
Bankers Address:  Tridevi Marg Thamel
Account No.:01908522230017
Swift Code: HIMANPKA

Kindly take into consideration that we are not legally responsible for any setback or loss throughout the time of the transfer process. If the money received by us is less than the amount sent regarding the use of a mediator bank or any other reason, you are requested to provide payment duly upon your arrival so that the grand total is equal to the estimated price of the trip.
Following the commencement of the transfer, e-mail us the bank reference number or remittance slips. Occasionally, the bank forwards the money with a different name and directs the money with a contrasting name; therefore, the reference number/remittance slips and sender details will help us to check and identify the transaction.

Balance Payment:

(i) Nepal Trips:
Subsequent to your arrival in Nepal, you can settle up with the final payments on an expedition, trekking, climbing, tours, or any other trips destined within Nepalese boundaries. Methods such as bank transfer, travel check, and cash or Credit Card (Visa or MasterCard) can be employed to make the final payment. A 3.5% levy is added on every payment made by credit cards (this is brought into effect in deposits, final balances, trip extensions, and miscellaneous acquisitions.)
(ii) Bhutan/Tibet Trips:
With regard to trips in Tibet, and Bhutan, the final payment ought to be made 30 days before the anticipated start date of the trip.

Cancellation of a Tour by the Client:

Nepal Trip Cancellation & Booking Changes
i.    The cancellation notice is necessary and should be made in written form, a minimum of 20 days before the trip departure. Such notice begins on the day your cancellation note is collected. After receiving the documents, the company will approve the validity of the trip cancellation. The trip is then designated as canceled, and 20% of the trip amount in the form of a cancellation charge will be subtracted from the advance payment.
ii.    The cancellation notice provided less than 20 days before trip departure delivers no refund.
iii.    Presuming that a client quits a trip for whatever reason, with/without one's own free will, or that the individual has committed any unlawful act after the trip has commenced, which causes his deportation; we are under no legal obligation for any refunds for any unused amenities such as meals, accommodation and guide services whatsoever.
iv.    The person who booked the tour should submit a written document with the desired changes if they happen to prefer changes to their original tour. Changes cannot be guaranteed, but we’ll make every possible effort from our side.
v.    On the condition that any genuine events (without restriction) such as death, injury, or serious illness of the fellow passenger, close relative or friend, redundancy or jury service; 14 days before trip departure, you may defer your trip or shift your booking to another individual if they meet all the requirements regarding the trip. After that, you can do nothing but cancel the trip with no refunds.

In order to transfer or defer the trip, you should present evidence of your inability to travel at the very moment you change your booking schedule. You will be charged a minimal fee of $100. Depending on the company’s pact with other service providers like hotels, teahouses, and airlines; the price of a trip postponement or transfer can be higher.

Bhutan/Tibetan Trip Cancellation & Booking Changes
i. A written cancellation notice must be presented to the company at least 25 days before the trip advancement. Such a notice starts from the day we obtain it from your side. Only after the collection and approval of the related documents from the company, the cancellation be valid. Subsequently, the trip shall be described as canceled, and a cancellation charge of 40% of the total trip cost will be deducted from the initial payment.
ii.    No refunds can be claimed if a client calls off or withdraws the trip no matter what the reason is; intentionally, unintentionally, or given that you execute any unlawful act that triggers your expulsion from the nation following the outset of the trip. We’ll provide no refunds for any unutilized facilities, such as meals, accommodations, and other assistance.
iii.    If you stand in need of any revisions to your original itinerary of the tour, then the person who reserved the tour has to come up with a written document mentioning the changes you seek. We are committed to making every possible attempt, yet changes cannot be formally assured.
iv.    Regrettably, there is no refund, transfer, or rescheduling possibilities available if you are declined from progressing on the tour within India, Tibet, and Bhutan, as the governments of these countries have inflexible tourism perspectives.

Cancellation of a Tour by the Company:

i.    Unless it is guaranteed to run, the company reserves all the rights to call off any trip.
ii. The company holds all the rights to cancel whichever trip, inclusive of a formally assured trip, before its commencement owing to reasons beyond our control, mainly weather conditions, flight cancellations, natural calamities, government intervention, strikes, sickness, quarantine, sickness, quarantine, and other unanticipated phenomena. In that instance, the company will pay back the trip costs exclusively. Whenever the company calls off a trip that is formally assured to progress; we’ll repay you with the total cost of the trip or you are allowed to participate in a substitute trip bearing the very monetary worth.
Please take into account that noteworthy adjustments do not incorporate revision in flight timetables, airline carrier, or tour itineraries as long as the arrival and departure dates continue to exist unaltered in addition to the switching of transport, and alternation in cabin class or accommodation facilities given that it falls under the very same classifications.
iii.    the company is not liable for any random expenses or resultant losses that the clients may bring upon them due to bookings, visas, non-refundable flights or trains, non-refundable car parking or other charges, vaccinations, loss of wages or pleasure, etc.

Mediacal Conditions and Special Requirements:

Every single one of our treks and tours demands at least a moderate level of physical fitness so, we suggest our clients consult their doctor and have a general health inspection prior to their travel venture. Clients are accountable to inform Himalayan Trekking Path P. Ltd. of any previous medical problems and/or infirmities that might fairly be anticipated to raise the possibility to seek medical attention of any degree that may have an impact on your capability to travel. the company can refuse the client from a travel venture if not informed about their unhealthy state prior to departure.  Failure to provide advance notice to the company of any such conditions ensures the trip cancellation, which will lead clients to bear 100% cancellation charges.
Because of physical and mental fitness level, pregnancy, age, or mobility; a handful of trips may be inappropriate for some clients; therefore, it is the client’s responsibility to look over the compatibility issue before booking. the company is not obliged to render any special amenities except if it is negotiated and accepted by both parties in written form. We are fully committed to meeting client-specific requests such as dietary; however, such request does not make up a part of the contract and accordingly, the company is not answerable for not fulfilling the client’s additional demands.
Health facilities differ in compliance with the nations; so, the company does not put together any representations and provides no assurance with regard to the quality of such care.

Travel insurance:

All globetrotters are required to have adequate as well as legally acceptable travel insurance. The travel insurance of our clients must make up for injury, illness, accidents, and medical expenses after death, along with pre-existing medical conditions, emergency repatriation that encompasses air ambulance and helicopter evacuation, and personal accountability.
On top of that, the company suggests clients acquire travel insurance that insures the risks of curtailment and loss of luggage, trip cancellation, and personal consequences. You ought to bear the evidence of insurance with you and exhibit it if justifiably asked by employees of the company or suppliers. the company holds all the rights either to postpone or cancel the client’s participation on a trip or in specific activities that function as a part of the trip at whatever time, which includes after the trip’s advancement with no refund rights if and only if you are not able to render the proof of insurance when formally asked.


Travelers under the age of sixteen must be accompanied by a legal caretaker. Please be in touch with us for additional information if you have queries regarding age and suitability.

Flight Delays and Changes in the Itinerary:

Please bear in mind that the weather in the mountains is unpredictable. The notorious climate conditions, as well as technical glitches in mountainous regions and remote areas, are a few of the primary reasons for cancellations and delays of flights by plane and helicopter, especially in regions such as Everest, Annapurna, Manaslu, and Langtang. Himalayan Trekking Path P. Ltd. will shoulder the expenses of food (lunch & breakfast) and departing city accommodation (guest house) on the condition that a domestic flight is delayed. Nevertheless, clients are liable to sustain all the extra charges, including food and accommodation expenses, in the event of delayed return flights. All the supplementary costs would be the client’s liability if they wished to opt for other alternatives, such as a helicopter flight, in order to avoid flight delays.
Additionally, Himalayan Trekking Path P. Ltd. will not be liable for extra costs sustained due to a missed international flight. Still, we’ll help you arrange other possibilities wherever feasible. Please take into account that we may have to execute some revisions in the trip itinerary because of unanticipated occurrences while on the field.

Visa and Passport

When traveling with Himalayan Trekking Path P. Ltd., clients are expected to have a valid passport in order to obtain applicable visas. Visas in Nepal are obtainable upon arrival in the country. Please make certain that your passport is valid for 6 months past the length of the trip.
For Tibet and Bhutan, the company will arrange the requisite groundwork upon request from the individuals. Clients themselves are responsible for making sure that they possess legally acceptable visas for the countries they wish to travel to. Himalayan Trekking Path P. Ltd. is not blameworthy if clients are turned down from entering the places/countries for the reason that they lack error-free visa documentation.
Kindly, visit the links for further information related to visa documentation:
Nepal Visa information
Bhutan Visa information
Tibet Visa information

Injuries and Evacuation:

Himalayan Trekking Path P. Ltd. will not be legally responsible for any health-related conditions, emotional distress, physical damages, and other medical problems incurred by the client during the trip. Likewise, any personal insurance is not covered in the cost of our package; therefore, we recommend our clients have appropriate insurance packages that include medical emergencies and helicopter rescue.

Services missed or unused:

No discounts or refunds will be offered for missed or unused services, including obligatory or voluntary departure or discontinuation from the trip (i.e., death of a relative, sickness, late arrival on the tour, or untimely departure, either by free will or not).


You concede to the fact that Himalayan Trekking Path P. Ltd. may utilize the photographs you have captured throughout the trip for publicity and promotion purposes only via whatever medium it selects without providing any sort of compensation or recourse to you.

Changes to Your Holiday and Pricing:

While traveling with Himalayan Trekking Path P. Ltd., clients must possess a fair level of willingness to change or compromise, light-heartedness, and apprehension regarding the fact that modes of transport, accommodation, and itineraries may alter even after the outset of the trip without prior notice. Local occurrences such as flight delays, cancellations,s or deferments due to bad weather in the mountainous regions or other unforeseeable sets of conditions such as natural calamities, political unrest, road blockage, and late arrival. Himalayan Trekking Path P. Ltd. is powerless to refund any sum of money under the above-mentioned circumstances as well as other unpredictable situations because of prior supplier agreements. We’ll try our best to render you a substitute or another possible trip of the same class wherever possible.
Himalayan Trekking Path P. Ltd. is not legally liable for losses on itinerary implementation, delays, or compensation as a result of circumstances beyond its control. In addition, our expeditions, and trek/tour packages are based on twin share accommodation; hence, additional charges for a single room will be levied on clients who don’t have another trip member to share their rented living spaces.
the company holds all the rights to alter pricing rates mentioned in our marketing medium, under any turn of events, or under influence from foreign factors far from our jurisdiction, like revision in the exchange rate, government operations, etc.


Himalayan Trekking Path P. Ltd. can collect information from clients and ask questions in order to acquire essential details required for permits and other documents. No information (either private or personal) that clients have supplied to the company will be disclosed to the third party without their consent.

Risk and Liabilities:

Himalayan Trekking Path P. Ltd. is devoted to presenting clients with the finest services in order to make their trip an experience of a lifetime. Thus, we execute our job with honesty and perfection to make every single trip a moment to remember for our clients. Nonetheless, the whole program is organized strictly under the rules and regulations of its own policies. Consequently, Himalayan Trekking Path P. Ltd. along with its associated firms shall not be accountable for any alteration in the itinerary owing to inevitable situations like natural disasters, government restrictions, strikes, road blockages, snow, accidents, sickness, delays, cancellations of flights, and bad weather conditions. Clients must bear any additional costs on the spot if such conditions arise during the duration of the trip.

Our Responsible Tourism Policy:

Himalayan Trekking Path P. Ltd. is bound to re-establish tourism as the way to uplift the standards of native communities, the environment, tourists, and the tourism sector as a whole. We encourage our clients, in a deliberate and positive way, to act according to the Himalayan Tourist Code. We advise our clients to have a look through our Responsible Travel and Environment policy prior to making a booking for a holiday trip with us. Also, we expect our clients to abide by our policy and guidelines during their journey alongside us.


If you have any complaints regarding our tour leader or guide, you may tell us personally or report it at our Kathmandu office as soon as possible. Clients don’t have to wait for the trip to conclude in order to make a complaint; they can just talk about it amidst the trip so that the company can take proper action to ameliorate the situation immediately or in the near future. There is no doubt about the fact that we’ll listen to the complaints of the clients (before, after or during the trip) and take reasonable measures to uplift their holiday experience.

Updating of Terms and Conditions

The company retains all the rights to update or revise the above-illustrated terms and conditions at any time. Clients are responsible for keeping themselves updated with any sort of change. The most up-to-date edition of the terms and conditions is always available at www.himalayantrekkingpath.com and will be the terms referred to in any dispute.