Short Manaslu Circuit Trekking -15 Days

manaslu circuit
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short Manaslu Circuit Trek
short Manaslu Circuit Trek
Short Manaslu Circuit Trek
At a Glance
Duration14 Days
Trip GradeStrenuous
Maximum Altitude5106m/16751.97ft.
Group Size1 to 10 pax
Travel StyleTrekking / Hiking
Best TimeSeptember to November and March to May

The Short Manaslu Circuit Trek offers a comprehensive tour experience that encompasses the highlights of the Classical Manaslu Circuit Trek. Situated in the Manaslu conservation areas, renowned for its restricted zone dedicated to preserving nature and the rich local culture, this trek provides a unique and authentic adventure. Until 1991 AD, this region remained off-limits to outsiders. Commencing in Kathmandu, the journey takes you through awe-inspiring landscapes and culminates in the breathtaking 15-day Manaslu Circuit Trek before returning to Kathmandu. The trail encircles the majestic Mt. Manaslu, an impressive peak standing at 8163m (26781.5ft), ranking as the world's 8th highest mountain. Along the way, you will encounter diverse flora and fauna, experience varying climates, witness charming waterfalls, and traverse the enchanting Budi Gandaki valley to reach the high Himalayan moraine through a rugged path. The trek's highest point is Larkey La, situated 5106m above sea level. On May 9, 1956, Toshio Imanishi from Japan and Gyaltsen Norbu, a Sherpa, achieved the first ascent of Manaslu. This remarkable feat was accomplished during a Japanese expedition led by Maki Yūkō, also known as Aritsune Maki. Please join us for your wonderful Manaslu circuit short trek with our expert team. Please carefully review the comprehensive details provided below regarding the Manaslu Circuit Trek. It is essential to familiarize yourself with this information before embarking on the journey.


  • Before venturing into the untouched beauty of the community and pristine nature, take the time to explore Kathmandu Valley.
  • Embark on a breathtaking scenic drive from Kathmandu to Machhe Khola, following the majestic Budi Gandaki River.
  • The Manaslu Circuit trek begins at Machha Khola and continues on foot along the trail.
  • Throughout the journey, you will encounter diverse climates, magnificent waterfalls, charming local villages, and abundant flora and fauna along the Budi Gandaki River.
  • This trek offers a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the vibrant Tibetan culture and visit monasteries.
  • Marvel at the awe-inspiring Himalayan range as you pass through Sho, Lho, Sayalla, Pung Gen, Sama, Samdo, and Dharmasala.
  • Reach the summit of Larky La, standing at an impressive elevation of 5106m above sea level. This is the highest point of the trek and provides a breathtaking view of the entire mountain range.
  • As you descend towards Bhimthang (3700m), enjoy the majestic Annapurna ranges along the way.
  • Discover the enchanting flora and fauna that adorn the trail to Dharapani.
  • The Manaslu Circuit Trek is a short yet rewarding journey that starts and ends in Kathmandu. Covering a distance of 130km and spanning 12 days of walking, it offers an unforgettable experience.

15-day Short Manaslu Circuit Trek begins after exploring Kathmandu, the historic kingdom and hidden gem of the nation. This itinerary encompasses the entire duration from arrival to departure, focusing on the breathtaking Manaslu Circuit Trek. This trekking package is renowned for its exploration of the lesser-known, restricted, and pristine Manaslu Conservation Region, offering a unique opportunity to experience its wonders within a shorter timeframe. It is specifically tailored for individuals who have limited time for an extensive journey. Upon completion of the necessary procedures, you will be granted permission to embark on this particular path. The formalities entail dedicating an entire working day. The permits that are subject to restrictions necessitate an authentic passport, a valid visa, and solely USD and EUR currency for transactions. Your journey commences in Kathmandu, where you will board a public bus to Machhe Khola, the starting point for your trek. Along this picturesque route, you will encounter a lush river valley, magnificent waterfalls, terraced, captivating local villages, breathtaking snow-capped mountains from far away, and bustling local markets.

Machhe Khola, located beside the Machhe Khola and Budi Khola rivers, is a Gurung village where you will have the chance to spend your first night during the awe-inspiring trek. This particular night will be truly unforgettable, as you will be surrounded by the calming sounds of nature and fully immersed in the vibrant local culture. The next day, your journey will begin on foot by crossing the Machhe Khola bridge and continuing towards Jagat via Khorlabeshi, Tatopani, Dobhan, and Yaruphant. Along the way, you will be captivated by the verdant green valley, magnificent waterfalls, and enchanting local villages that line the banks of the Budi Gandaki River.

In Jagat, it is necessary to present your special (RAP) permits to proceed further. After completing the necessary checks in the restricted areas, you will walk to villages such as Salleri and Sirdibas before crossing the Budi Gandaki River over a suspension bridge and reaching Philim. Each day on the trail becomes more fascinating with the breathtaking views of towering rocks, cascading waterfalls, charming villages, and various glimpses of the surroundings. The Ekle Bhatti offers awe-inspiring waterfalls that are truly magnificent. After a short expedition, you will arrive at New Bridge, which offers two trails—one leading to Tsum Valley and the other to Manaslu Circuit, which is our intended route. Here, we will cross the Budi Gandaki River once again, this time on a suspension bridge. Following that, you will reach Deng (1860m) after passing through Nyak village.

Deng village presents a range of snow-capped peaks and serves as your second accommodation, which is fascinating. As you make your way, you will embark on a trail that ascends to Namrung, passing through Bhihi, Prok, and Ghap, and then eventually reaching Namung (2630m). This beautiful village offers incredible hospitality and an opportunity to immerse yourself in its rich culture. Before proceeding further, you must check your permits at the police office.

From Namrung, the trail becomes steep as you ascend to Lihi (2920m) and continues to Sho village after crossing the suspension bridge over Hinang Khola, which originates from Linang Glacier. Along this trail, you will be greeted by the majestic Mt. Manasalu (8163m) and other breathtaking peaks, as well as the vast expanse of the Himalayan terrain. Each step of your journey will present you with remarkable photography opportunities. Leaving Sho behind, you will embark on a voyage to Lho (3180m), where you will be treated to awe-inspiring views of monasteries, villages, yak pastures, and picturesque mountain vistas. Continuing uphill, you will reach Shyala (3500m), one of the most beautiful villages that offers mesmerizing 360-degree views of the Himalayas. It is here that you will spend the night, surrounded by the breathtaking beauty of the mountains.

Our Short Manaslu Circuit Trek offers the opportunity to hike to the breathtaking Pung Gyen Gompa, along the Pung Gyen Glacier. From here, you can enjoy a magnificent view of Mt. Manaslu/Kang Pungen (8163m), Himal Chuli (7750m), Nadi Chuli (7871m), Boudha Himal (6672m), Sando Himal (6335 m), Kutang Himal (6168m), and many other majestic peaks. The ascent to Pung Gyen Gompa takes approximately 2 hours, while the descent to the charming village of Sama Gau (3525m) takes around one and a half hours. Sama Gau is one of the largest Bhoti villages, nestled at the foot of the majestic Mt. Manaslu and other snow-capped peaks. During your two-night stay in Sama Gau, you will have the opportunity to acclimatize and explore the Manaslu Base Camp and Birendra Lake, which will help you adjust to the altitude and prepare for the challenging Larkey La Pass (5106m).

After Sama Gau, the express Manaslu Circuit Trekking takes you to Samdo Village, traversing the Himalayan terrain above the tree line with the magnificent backdrop of the epic Himalayas. This journey can be completed in just 3 hours, allowing you to enjoy a day hike around the peak and prepare yourself for the next elevation gain. Continuing our journey from Samdo Village, we reach Dharmasala in a mere 3–4 hours, offering breathtaking views of the Himalayas throughout the day. Dharmasala boasts the highest accommodation on the Short Manaslu Circuit Trek, standing at an impressive 4460m (14633ft). Take advantage of your time here by going on a hike and considering the highest pass for the following day.

On the way to Larkey La-5106m from Dharmasala, start your day early in the morning to cover the longest day of the Manaslu Circuit Trek, spanning 24.5 km. As you make your way, you'll be greeted by numerous snow-capped peaks and guided through a glacier to the top of Larkey La. This stunning point offers mesmerizing views of the Manaslu ranges, providing the perfect opportunity for celebration and capturing memories. Descending steeply from the top, you'll reach Bhimthang (3700m) with panoramic views of the Annapurna and Manaslu ranges. Our short Manaslu Circuit trek concludes in Dharapani, from where we drive back to Kathmandu.

Achieving a rewarding experience on the Manaslu Circuit Trek requires favorable weather, a reasonable level of fitness, and the expertise of a professional company. When it comes to exploring Manaslu, the Himalayan Trekking Path stands out as the best local choice. Contact us now, and we will cater to your desires and requirements.

Packing list for the Short Manaslu Circuit Trek:

  • Essential Gears: Backpack or daypack (20 to 30 liters), Drinking water bottle (2–3 liters) , Trekking Poles , Water Purification system , Sleeping bag with a liner (four seasons, -20 degree)
  • Headwear: Sun hat or scarf; Winter hat or wind-brimmed hat (for winter only);  Headlamp with extra batteries
  • Face protector: Sunscreen Sunglasses with UV protection, Face and body wipes Hands: Lightweight gloves; Heavyweight winter gloves (for winter only) 
  • Bodywear: Hiking shirts , Synthetic long-sleeved shirt, hoodies, rain jackets, fleece jackets,  Lightweight cotton pants,  Polypropylene underwear, Down Jacket (For Winter Trek), Waterproof jackets and pants Footwear:
  • Footwear: Waterproof Hiking boots thick wool socks, Sports shoes or sandals for relaxation time 
  • Toiletries: Quick-drying towel, Toothbrush and toothpaste, Toilet paper, soap, shower gel, laundry detergent Nail clippers and a small mirror.

The Cost of the Manaslu Short Trek:

Short Manaslu Circuit Trekking costs can vary based on package inclusions, group size, and service standards. At Himalayan Trekking Path, we offer competitive prices for a comprehensive package starting from USD 950 to 1200 per person, with the opportunity for solo trekkers to join. Please take a look at our itinerary and services, and inform us of your desired group size and service level.

  • The price for the Manaslu short trek is USD 1200 for solo trekkers, as we will combine the permit with other trekkers.
  • For the Manaslu short trek, the cost is USD 1000 per person when in a group of 2–6 individuals.
  • If you are part of a group consisting of 7–10 people, the cost for the Manaslu short Trek is USD 950 per person.

Why choose the Short Manaslu Circuit Trek with the Himalayan Trekking Path?

Embark on the unforgettable Short Manaslu Circuit Trek with Himalayan Trekking Path, an excellent choice that provides a comprehensive package at a reasonable cost, guided by a team of skilled professionals. Before setting off on the Himalayan Trekking Path, it is essential to grasp this key point.

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  • The comprehensive package includes services from airport pick-up to drop-off.
  • All the packages are available at a reasonable cost.
  • A last-minute booking system is available for your convenience.
  • You have the option to embark on a solo trek in the Manaslu region with Himalayan Trekking.
  • The trip is led by professional trekking guides and helpful porters.
  • You will be provided with a duffel bag, map, and trekking pole.
  • Booking the trek can be done through WhatsApp, email, and the website.
  • We provide an easy payment system, including cash, bank transfers, and card payments.
  • The trip can be easily customized to suit your preferences.
  • You have the option to join a group or have a private trekking experience.